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Can a Fiduciary delegate his discretionary power to another?

A fiduciary owes the highest duty imposed in law to the person (beneficiary) over whose property he has control. A fiduciary might be appointed to administer a trust or handle an estate. The appointment will set out the rights and powers of the fiduciary. Based… Continue reading

Can a Trust instrument relieve the Trustee of liability?

A Texas appeals court was asked that question when they had to interpret the following language in a Trust relating to the Trustees dealings with the Trust assets and the beneficiaries: “no principle or rule relating to self-dealing or divided loyalty shall be applied to… Continue reading

Can you create a trust with my money?

In 2005 the Texarkana Court of Appeals was asked that question. An elderly couple who became concerned about their future health and living care needs made two of their children signatories on their bank account. Over time, the mother died and a daughter was able… Continue reading

Limitation period for removal of a trustee

The Texas Supreme Court ruled in June 2009 that there is no statute of limitations for removal of a trustee. A beneficiary filed suit to remove the trustee of a trust set up for the benefit of the beneficiary. The trustee, although acknowledging breaches of… Continue reading

Financial institution breached fiduciary duty

In a case decided in 2005, a man had an account at a financial institution.  He originally opened the account as a joint account with right of survivorship with his daughter.  That means that he and his daughter were joint owners and when the first… Continue reading

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