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Do All Heirs Have To Join A Will Contest?

In Rem Proceedings Will Contest in Texas are in rem proceedings which means that notice to all the heirs is not required. It is up to each interested party to keep themselves apprised of the status of any probate case. Tennessee is also an in… Continue reading

Can Minors Contest a Will?

Yes. A minor can contest a will. Usually, a parent will begin contesting a will as “next friend” of the minor. That is the same procedure used in Texas for all lawsuits where a minor is a party. Someone may also be appointed as guardian… Continue reading

How much time do you have to get a Court to construe a will?

When a will is not being contested but there is a disagreement of how the will should be construed, a person has four years before action needs to be taken. In a large estate, a handwritten will gave a ranch to the decedent’s third cousin.… Continue reading

When a will is found after probate, does the two or four year limitations period apply?

Texas Will Is Found After Probate In two cases where wills were offered for probate more than two years after a prior probate judgment, one court held that the second will could be admitted to probate and the other court held that it could not.… Continue reading

Can a murderer inherit his victim’s property?

Legally, he can. Practically, he can’t. The Texas State Constitution has a provision that says “”No conviction shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture of estate.” The Texas Probate Code §41(d) is similar. Those two provisions have been interpreted to allow a murderer to inherit… Continue reading

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