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Can an Ex-spouse Accidentally Inherit Property?

Can an Ex-spouse Accidentally Inherit Property? Possibly. I’ve previously written that a divorce voids any will provision in favor of  an ex-spouse or his/her family. EC123.001(b), 201.001. If a new will is executed giving the ex-spouse property after the divorce or if the provision in… Continue reading

Change In Massachusetts’ Probate Law Benefits Spouses.

A note posted on the Lowell Sun’s website states that a recently passed Uniform Probate Code in Massachusetts made changes in the law of intestate succession. Before, when a person died without a will, the spouse and children divided the property. Under the new law,… Continue reading

The Growing Problem Of Deathbed Marriages

The Wall Street Journal ran an article on June 11, 2011 entitled “Unholy Matrimony: How to Fight Back” about the growing problem of deathbed marriages between an elderly patient and their money-seeking caregiver. These cases differ from the normal case where a caregiver gets the… Continue reading

What are the Inheritance Rights of a Spouse?

There is a movie titled “It’s complicated.” That title describes the inheritance rights of a spouse. It’s complicated because of defining who is the spouse, what property the spouse inherits and what is the status of any children. The inheritance laws are used to determine… Continue reading

In a will, when does “till she dies” mean forever?

“(T)ill she dies” means forever. Inheritance cases sometimes present unusual problems. A man left a holographic will. The entire will read “Last Will & testament Debbie gets everything till she dies. Being of sound mind & this is my w. last will & testament. I… Continue reading

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