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How To Revoke A Trust In Texas

How can you revoke a trust in Texas? In a recent case in Texas, a mother and father had a trust for the benefit of their two children. The mother died. The father later remarried and had two additional children. The father attempted to revoke… Continue reading

Probating A Newer Will

Estoppel I’ve written about how accepting benefits under a will may prevent or estop a person from contesting that will. In a 2014 case a trial court ruled that a party was estopped from probating a newer will and from contesting the older will. The… Continue reading

Can a codicil revive a revoked will?

A codicil is an addition or supplement to a will. Someone may have been born or died since the original will was executed. A codicil is an easy way to make additions or deletions to a will without having to redo the entire will. However,… Continue reading

Can A Will That Cannot Be Admitted To Probate Be Used To Revoke Another Will

A will has to be filed for probate within four years of the death of the testator. If it is not, it can’t be filed and the law will treat the dead person as if he had died intestate, without a will. There are some… Continue reading

Can you probate a will that has been revoked?

In some circumstances, the Houston Court of Appeals says you can. Once a will is revoked, it is revoked. It does not come back to life based on later events. The only way to bring the will back to life is to execute a new… Continue reading

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