Interesting Developments In Inheritance Laws

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How do you get a copy of the will?

There are two time frames where you might want  to get a copy of the will. Before the Testator dies and after he dies. The last time frame (after the Testator dies) is easy. The Texas Probate Code requires anyone who has a will of… Continue reading

Is a forged will good for something?

Forged will starts limitations Is a forged will good for something? A forged will can be used to determine when the statute of limitations starts running says the San Antonio Court of Appeals. A man died. A will was offered and admitted to probate. One… Continue reading

Can A Beneficiary Attest A Will?

Dependent vs. Independent Administration vs. Muniment of Title

When someone dies, a probate is filed to dispose of the assets.  What type of probate should be filed? In Texas there are several different types of probate.  The one that you want to avoid if possible is a Dependant Administration.  There are times when… Continue reading

How I learned to stop worrying and love probate, Part 2.

In the first part of this post, I talked about what probate is about. In this part, I want to talk about some of the problems that can occur when someone tries to avoid probate because they are afraid of it. Recently, people have been… Continue reading

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