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Pretermitted Spouse and Premarital Agreement

What is a pretermitted spouse Texas does not recognize a pretermitted (forgotten) spouse so this article has no application to Texas. Some states do recognize a pretermitted spouse and I have written about those states here. Basically, a pretermitted spouse is someone who marries a… Continue reading

Pretermitted Wife Not Recognized in Texas.

What is a pretermitted spouse I’ve written before about pretermitted (forgotten) children and their rights to inherit. You can read the articles here and here. Basically, a pretermitted child is one who is born after a will is executed and is not otherwise provided for… Continue reading

Inheritance involving a pretermitted child

What is a pretermitted child A pretermitted child is a child who is: born or adopted after a parent’s will is executed, and who is not otherwise provide for by the parent. Inheritance involving a pretermitted child A pretermitted child takes a share of his… Continue reading

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