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Is a will written on a tablet computer valid?

The Chronicle-Telegram reported that an Ohio judge admitted to probate a will written and signed on a tablet computer (Samsung Galaxy tablet.)  The testator was at the hospital and did not have paper or a pen. After he died, the family printed out the will… Continue reading

Can a codicil revive a revoked will?

A codicil is an addition or supplement to a will. Someone may have been born or died since the original will was executed. A codicil is an easy way to make additions or deletions to a will without having to redo the entire will. However,… Continue reading

Proving a lost will was not revoked

I have discussed in another article the procedure for probating a lost will. To review the article, click here. One of the problems that arises when probating a lost will is that there is a presumption that the will has been revoked. When a will… Continue reading

Probating a lost will

Sometimes after a person dies, a will cannot be found. If there was a will but it just cannot be found, a “lost will” can be probated. For a discussion of the requirements of proving a loss will, click here. In a case involving a… Continue reading

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