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Inheritance Rights of Adopted Children

Inheritance Rights of Adopted Children Generally, in Texas, the inheritance rights of formally adopted children are the same as naturally born children. That means that they inherit from and through their adoptive parents. “Through their adoptive parents” means that if the parent of the adoptive… Continue reading

Does a spouse inherit the community property if the other spouse dies intestate (without a will?)

Community Property vs Separate Property Texas has community property and separate property. Basically, community property is property acquired during marriage except by inheritance or gift. Separate property is everything else. The Texas laws governing inheritance treat these two kinds of property differently. This article will… Continue reading

When are you dead, Part 2.

When are you dead? I recently wrote on the issue of when are you dead for probate purposes here.  The issue is important because Texas has a statute that says that if a person gives you something in their will and you don’t survive them… Continue reading

When are you dead for inheritance purposes?

When are you dead? The Simultaneous Death Act, Texas Estates Code §121.001 (formally Probate Code §47), provides that if you don’t survive the decedent by 120 hours or if you both die in a common disaster, it will be deemed that you predeceased him and… Continue reading

What is a putative spouse?

A putative spouse is one who, in good faith, thinks that he or she is married when they are not. I’ve written a brief description of a putative spouse and their inheritance rights at our web site, www.TexasInheritance.Com.

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