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Does a Bank Have to Return Money to an Estate that it Let the Wrong Person Withdraw?

In two recent cases in the San Antonio area, the Texas Supreme Court was asked to decide if two banks were required to return money to an estate that the banks had paid out to a person with fraudulent papers. The facts were that a… Continue reading

11 Signs Of Elder Financial Abuse.

What are the Signs The United States government’s Administration on Aging, a part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, identifies the major types of elder abuse such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, financial abuse, etc. A type of abuse identified by… Continue reading

What damages are available for breach of a fiduciary duty?

The Texas Supreme Court decided a case in 2010 that answered the question of fee disgorgement. In the case, two business partners decided that one partner would sell his interest to the other partner. Partners are fiduciaries to the other partners. They also signed a… Continue reading

What must an executor do if he discovers additional property belonging to the estate?

Once the executor or administrator in a probate case is appointed, he must file an inventory of all of the property belonging to the estate. TPC 250. The inventory has to be filed within 90 days of his appointment. Once filed, the judge will review… Continue reading

Can a fiduciary duty be based on an informal relationship?

The short answer is, yes it can be. An informal relationship may give rise to a fiduciary duty when one person trust in and and relies on another, whether the relationship is a moral, social, domestic, or purely personal one. A fiduciary duty based on… Continue reading

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