Interesting Developments In Inheritance Laws

My practice is limited to trials involving inheritance disputes including will contest, related property disputes and associated torts. To ask privately about a Texas litigation issue involving an inheritance dispute, click the big red button to go to our main site's contact page and ask a question privately.

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Disclaim Your Inheritance In Texas.

Why Disclaim? Why in the world would you want to disclaim your inheritance in Texas? Actually, there are many reasons. There may be tax reasons. The property my be more trouble than it is worth. You want to disclaim so your heirs will inherit the… Continue reading

Disclaim An Inheritance If You Don’t Want It?

Texas allows a beneficiary to disclaim an inheritance. Why would a person want to disclaim an inheritance? Well, there are a number of reasons. There may be some beneficiaries who are in poor financial shape and the other beneficiaries don’t need the property and have… Continue reading

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