Interesting Developments In Inheritance Laws

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When is a Probate Matter Contested for Venue or Transfer Purposes?

Background In small counties in Texas, the county judge hears probate matters. The county judge is an administrative position similar to that of a mayor in a city. The judge does not have to be an attorney. Since most probate matters just involve filing the… Continue reading

Reasons for the recent increase in inheritance disputes.

I have previously written about the causes of the recent increase in will contest and other inheritance disputes. In a recent article, International Adviser also reported on this issue. At the beginning of the article, the writer talks about the increase in inheritance disputes because… Continue reading

What are six common reasons for contesting wills?

A law professor who teaches probate and estate planning has listed six common reasons why people contest wills. Prof. Gerry Beyer’s paper is here. The paper also recommends a proper procedure for the execution of wills. It is worth reading. The six common reasons for… Continue reading

“You never really know a person until you’ve shared an inheritance with them”

Hays Daily News That quote “You never really know a person until you’ve shared an inheritance with them” is from the Hays Daily News site reporting on a seminar put on by Kansas State University titled “Women in Agriculture.” The article discussed how the process of… Continue reading

Who Has the Burden of Proof When Contesting a Will?

In Texas the burden of proof depends on when the will contest is filed. If the will is contested before it is admitted to probate, the burden of proof is on the person who is offering the will for probate. If the will is contested… Continue reading

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