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No Forced Heirship In Texas

What is Forced Heirship? Forced heirship is a concept that provides that all of your children have a right to a portion of your estate upon your death. In other words, each of your children must get part of your estate. There are limited circumstances… Continue reading

Should You Tell Your Children What They Will (Or Won’t) Inherit?

Deborah L. Jacobs, a staff writer at Forbes, wrote an article where she listed seven reasons why you should tell your children what they will or won’t inherit. While this is a difficult conversation especially as you age and become more dependent on your children,… Continue reading

Supreme Court rules children born by IVF not entitled to social security benefits.

When a parent dies, his or her children can claim social benefits based on their parents social security contributions until they become adults. In a case decided May 21, 2012, the United States Supreme Court ruled that children born eighteen months after the death of… Continue reading

What are the Inheritance Rights of a Spouse?

There is a movie titled “It’s complicated.” That title describes the inheritance rights of a spouse. It’s complicated because of defining who is the spouse, what property the spouse inherits and what is the status of any children. The inheritance laws are used to determine… Continue reading

Inheritance Rights of Adopted Children

Inheritance Rights of Adopted Children Generally, in Texas, the inheritance rights of formally adopted children are the same as naturally born children. That means that they inherit from and through their adoptive parents. “Through their adoptive parents” means that if the parent of the adoptive… Continue reading

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