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Change In Massachusetts’ Probate Law Benefits Spouses.

Change in Massachusetts' Probate law benefits spouses.A note posted on the Lowell Sun’s website states that a recently passed Uniform Probate Code in Massachusetts made changes in the law of intestate succession. Before, when a person died without a will, the spouse and children divided the property. Under the new law, the spouse takes it all. Texas has a similar law but only when the wife is the mother of all of the testator’s children. If she is, she gets all of the testator’s community property. The children and wife split the separate property. If the wife is not the mother of all of the testator’s children, the wife and children split all the property whether community or separate with most going to the children.

The article didn’t go in to details about the change so you should contact a Massachusetts lawyer if you need more information. Massachusetts is not a community property state and the note didn’t say whether there is a difference if the wife is not the mother of all of the testator’s children.

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