Interesting Developments In Inheritance Laws

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Category: Children

When does a minor have to file a will contest?

Texas has a two year limitations period for contesting wills. If you don’t contest a will within two years, you are barred from contesting it thereafter. As I have written before, this is true even if a forged will is admitted to probate. What happens… Continue reading

Who gets the money if a man names his ex-wife as beneficiary in a life insurance policy?

Ex-wife As Beneficiary In A Life Insurance Policy A husband and wife of 25 years filed for divorce. The husband agreed to pay alimony until 2001. He also agreed that he would obtain an insurance policy and name his ex-wife as beneficiary “to a portion… Continue reading

Do illegitimate children have inheritance rights?

Do you get an inheritance if you never knew your father? Or mother?

Occasionally, the situation will arise were a child is born but never knows one of his parents. This may happen because the mother and father were never married.  It could happen because the mother and father were married but for whatever reason, the father left… Continue reading

What in the world is a “pretermitted child”?

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