Interesting Developments In Inheritance Laws

My practice is limited to trials involving inheritance disputes including will contest, related property disputes and associated torts. To ask privately about a Texas litigation issue involving an inheritance dispute, click the big red button to go to our main site's contact page and ask a question privately.

Can you have an oral will?

Texas recognized oral wills (nuncupative wills) up to the year 2007. Now, oral wills cannot be offered for probate. I’ve written about oral wills on my main site, www.TexasInheritance.Com. To read more about oral wills, go here.

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We handle litigation involving inheritance disputes. We don't prepare wills. We handle a select few cases on contingency. Don't use a comment to ask a personal question about an inheritance issue because your name and comment will be public. To ask a litigation question and to protect your privacy, click the red button to the right.

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