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My practice is limited to trials involving inheritance disputes including will contest, related property disputes and associated torts. To ask privately about a Texas litigation issue involving an inheritance dispute, click the big red button to go to our main site's contact page and ask a question privately.

My Story

Robert Ray

Hi, I’m Robert Ray and this is my story. I handle litigation involving inheritance disputes. I don’t prepare wills. I don’t file wills for probate or distribute estates except when we are in litigation contesting a will or protecting a will from a contest. We handle a select few cases on a contingency.

I created www.TexasInheritance.Com and this blog to help people find answers to their inheritance questions that involve litigation.

This blog has information about inheritance laws, contesting a will, property disputes and problems with trustees or other fiduciaries.

About me.

I have been in practice for more than thirty years and limit my practice to litigation involving contested probate matters like inheritance disputes, will contest, related property disputes and associated torts. I created this blog and www.TexasInheritance.Com, our main site. Please browse these two sites. You may find the answers to the questions you have. If you don’t find your answer and you want to contact me privately about a litigation issue, click the button on the right.

The kinds of cases we handle:

  • Start Here to Learn About Contesting a Will

    Clicking the Contesting A Will button below should be your starting point to learn about contesting wills in Texas. Clicking the button will take you to our main site where contesting wills is explained. It provides general information about contesting a will. This general article will lead you to specific articles on the site where you can find more detailed information about the particular question you have concerning will contests,

  • Obtaining your property held by others

    There are times when you don’t want to contest a will but you have property through an inheritance that is held jointly with others or over which others have control or possession. You want that property under your control and possession. I can help obtain your property. Clicking the Inheritance Overview button below should be your starting point to learn about who inherits in Texas.

  • Holding trustees and executors accountable

    Trustees and executors are fiduciaries. Fiduciaries hold property that belongs to another. Some fiduciaries cause problems. They may refuse to turn over the property to the beneficiary. They may steal the property. They may just be incompetent and confused about their obligations. They treat the property as if it is their own. Clicking the Fiduciary Overview button below should be your starting place to learn about fiduciaries.

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We handle litigation involving inheritance disputes. We don't prepare wills. We handle a select few cases on contingency. Don't use a comment to ask a personal question about an inheritance issue because your name and comment will be public. To ask a litigation question and to protect your privacy, click the red button to the right.